Hyundai Tucson

A sophisticated SUV, impossible
to ignore

The Tucson has been designed to make every mile a pleasure. Whether you’re popping to the shops or taking a long trip across the country, you’ll enjoy an incredibly responsive and rewarding drive.

*1.7 CRDi 116PS Diesel Blue Drive 2WD Manual









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From £19,855

Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe

An authentic 4WD with advanced

The Santa Fe brings together a rugged 2000PS engine, a range of smart driving assistance systems and a luxurious cabin with outstanding noise insulation for a smooth, assured ride whatever the conditions.

*Relates to models featuring manual transmission









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From £32,845


We want design students studying in the UK to create a vision of a future Sports Utility Vehicle interior. Let your imaginations run wild and harness your design genius to create an inspirational vision of the future.

In 50 years’ time, it is predicted that all SUVs will be driverless – which means that current interior designs will be obsolete. Removing the necessity for forward facing seats, steering wheels and windows, SUVs may become an extension of our homes or offices. But what will these interiors of the future look like?

Will we see new forms of seating and new materials? How will future designers make use of new technologies, incorporate new safety features or adapt to customisation?

We know that Design students will one day transform the SUV and automotive industry, but we’re offering one incredible talent the opportunity to make that happen right now.

Hyundai prides itself on its commitment to innovation and forward thinking. We want you to reflect that in your design.

Get noticed and get ahead.


The winner will receive an exclusive trip to Seoul, South Korea (including a ticket for a friend and £1,000 spending money) to get a valuable insight into Hyundai’s cutting edge approach to vehicle production.

Whilst there, you will be given a guided tour of Hyundai’s Asan factory, where all future forward designs come to life. Not only this, you’ll be whisked away to both the Namyang Research and Development Centre and the mind-blowing Hyundai Experience Centre.

Let the design of the future take you to the “City of the Future” (Smithsonian Magazine). Everything about this spectacular city seems purposeful and well considered. Its architectural wonders include the gravity-defying Incheon Tri-Bowl and the elemental flame-like GT Tower-East. There couldn’t be a more perfect place for you to get inspired while you experience a taste of things to come.

The winner and runners up will also have their submissions showcased on the Hyundai’s website, which receives millions of visits a year, alongside exclusive insights from leaders in the worlds of design and motoring.

This could prove an unparalleled opportunity to get your work noticed by key influencers at globally prestigious companies.

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SUVs offer more space, versatility and control than any other vehicle on the road. It’s this combination of empowering characteristics that has led the Sports Utility Vehicle segment from strength to strength in recent years. But the UK’s new-found love of the SUV has brought about a dizzying array of choice. With models ranging from mini-SUVs to rugged 4x4s, it can be difficult to work out which model has the features you really need. That’s why we’ve put together this handy breakdown to help you choose between the sophisticated Hyundai Tucson and Hyundai Santa Fe.

1. Performance

An SUV wouldn’t feel right without a powerful engine, but the reality is that you don’t always need to wade through deep mud or tackle challenging inclines – so we’ve made sure the Tucson reflects this. Rather than outfitting it with always-on four-wheel drive, the Tucson features intelligent Torque on Demand 4x4, which automatically supplies power to the rear wheels when necessary to maintain traction; at all other times, the majority of the engine’s the power is distributed to the front wheels. This helps to improve the efficiency of the Tucson when driving in normal conditions, while ensuring that you always have a ready reserve of torque when you need it.

The Tucson’s wide range of available engines includes everything from a 132PS 1.6-litre GDi petrol engine to a 185PS 2.0-litre CRDi diesel. But if you need more power behind you on your adventures, the Santa Fe might be more your speed. It comes with a mighty 2.2-litre CRDi diesel engine with a Variable-Geometry Turbocharger (VGT), delivering 200PS and 45 kg/m of torque. This powerful engine is teamed with a smooth-shifting 6-speed automatic or manual transmission and a network of smart stability systems to deliver a confident, controlled ride – whatever the terrain.

2. Versatility

One of the best things about owning an SUV is the freedom it gives you to bring along that extra person on your road trip or load up kit you would have otherwise had to leave behind, whether that’s a bike or a piece of furniture. In both the Tucson and the Santa Fe you’ll find spacious, versatile cabins with 60:40 flat-folding seats that allow you to free up space when you need it.

While incredibly functional, the interiors of the Tucson and Santa Fe also add a touch of luxury to every journey. The Tucson’s uncluttered 5-seat interior is packed with cutting-edge technology including an integrated 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system (SE Nav and above) and Dual-Zone Climate Control. But there’s no beating the Santa Fe for comfort and convenience. Every aspect of its sumptuously upholstered 5/7-seat cabin has been carefully considered, with available heated seats to warm you up on cold mornings and a 10-speaker Infinity sound system to soundtrack your journey.

3. Safety

We think that by making your driving experience safer, we can also make it more enjoyable. This belief is at the very core of the Tucson and Santa Fe, which both have chassis crafted from our proprietary Ultra-High Strength Steel that not only offers class-leading structural rigidity, but has the added benefit of reducing road noise.

There’s also advanced technology to protect you and enhance your journey. You’ll see this in the Tucson’s Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) system, available on Premium and Premium SE models, that monitors the road ahead and applies the brakes if it detects an obstacle in your path. Available as part of either the optional Convenience Pack or standard on Endurance Edition models, the Santa Fe also offers Advanced Smart Cruise Control (ASCC) which determines the safe speed to travel within your set parameters based on the proximity to the car ahead.

4. Summary

Bigger isn’t always better. For example if you do the majority of your driving in urban areas, you might find it easier to navigate parking spots and weave through traffic in the more compact Hyundai Tucson. But if you value being able to carry lots of cargo or up to 7 people, you might be more suited to the Santa Fe. There’s also the question of how much power you need from your car. The Tucson offers a more economical balance of power and efficiency with engines starting from 1.6-litres, whereas the Santa Fe’s 2.2-litre engine would benefit someone who spent more time in rural areas or needed the extra bit of get-up-and-go for overtaking on the motorway.

If you’re still undecided, you’re always welcome to book a test drive at your local dealership. You can even try them both for size.