Maintenance and servicing

Maintenance and servicing

To ensure the continued reliability and safety of the vehicle, certain routine maintenance and service operations are required at specific mileage or time intervals, using parts which meet Hyundai technical performance and quality specifications. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to ensure that the vehicle is maintained in line with the required Hyundai Motor UK Ltd. maintenance and service operations and schedules.

The new vehicle warranty may be invalidated and the safety and reliability of the vehicle adversely affected if maintenance and servicing is not performed in line with Hyundai Motor UK Ltd. requirements.

We recommend that the vehicle owner take the vehicle to a Hyundai Authorised Repairer who has specific Hyundai expertise, training and specialist equipment and will fit parts of the correct specification and quality in order to ensure that work is carried out to the standards Hyundai requires and you expect.

The vehicle owner may choose an independent service provider to provide routine maintenance and service and to fit alternative parts, however any parts used that may affect the vehicles warranty, must be of an equivalent quality to the Hyundai genuine parts.

Warranty repairs can only be carried out by a Hyundai Authorised Repairer.

It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that routine maintenance and servicing is carried out in accordance with the terms and conditions of the warranty.  In the event of a claim under the Hyundai warranty, proof of maintenance and servicing in accordance with Hyundai Motor UK Ltd requirements will be required.  Therefore it is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to ensure all documentation and invoices are kept and up to date and are available to be presented to the Hyundai Authorised repairer.

The following details and documentation must be available:

The Hyundai Owner's Routine Maintenance Information Booklet must be completed at each scheduled service time with the following:

  • Vehicle Registration
  • Date of Service
  • Mileage
  • Service provider stamp
  • Service provider Technician signature
Independent Service Provider Invoices and associated documentation must include:

  • Name and Address of Service Provider
  • Details of the vehicle (i.e. VIN, Registration and Mileage)
  • The date the Service was carried out
  • Details of the work carried out (i.e. What service has been carried out)
  • Details of all parts fitted (which must include: Parts numbers, Description, manufacturer name and individual costs.
  • Details of all fluid replaced and the specification and manufacturer (i.e. Engine oil, Transmission oil, Antifreeze etc)
  • Copy of the service check sheet showing that all of the Hyundai Motor UK Ltd. service schedule and requirements have been carried out.
Independent Service Provider proof of competence:

  • Membership of a recognised UK motor trades organisation or industry association which monitors standards and working practices in automotive maintenance and service provision
  • Technician qualification from a recognised UK training provider in automotive maintenance services, to the appropriate level for the work performed

Important Information:

The inspection and testing of certain electronic fuel injection/engine management and automatic transmission control systems require specialised electronic equipment specifically designed for Hyundai vehicles. The use of general-purpose electrical test equipment may result in damage to the control unit microprocessors.