Anti Perforation Warranty

Every new Hyundai has been protected against corrosion using body preservatives. This treatment, combined with regular inspections under the anti perforation programme, allows us to offer the benefits of a 10 year warranty against inside to outside perforation, on i800 and iLoad or a 12 year warranty on all other models.

Warranty scope

Covers the cost of repair or replacement of body parts in the event of perforation by corrosion originating from the inside surface of the vehicle.(see 'Terms and Conditions' below).

Warranty exclusions

The exhaust system, petrol tank, mechanical components or corrosion on or originating from exterior surfaces, including seam corrosion or damage caused by stone chipping, scratches, abrasion or paint failure. Exterior paintwork damage is readily visible and should immediately be rectified by the user (see 'Terms and Conditions' below).

User maintenance responsibilities and body services

To ensure continued warranty validity, body inspections must be carried out by an authorised Hyundai Dealer at 12, 36 and 60 month intervals from the date of first registration of the vehicle. The inspections must be carried out within 30 days either side of these dates in order to maintain this warranty.

  • Each inspection must be recorded in the warranty booklet supplied with our vehicles and the warranty validated by the inspecting authorised Hyundai Dealer stamping the relevant inspection with their dealer stamp.
  • The cost of the inspection will be chargeable to the vehicle owner. Where damage or missing underbody coating is revealed during the course of the inspection, rectification must be undertaken by the inspecting dealer in order for the warranty to remain valid. The cost of any necessary rectification may be chargeable to the vehicle owner.
  • If any inspection is not carried out within the time specified, this warranty will be invalidated from that time and cannot be reinstated by a subsequent inspection.
  • During the course of the inspection the inspecting Dealer will indicate on the vehicle body matrix in the warranty booklet supplied with our vehicles, those areas of external body damage apparent at the time of inspection. Areas of external body damage which are not rectified will be specifically excluded from the anti-perforation warranty.


Warranty period

Subject to the terms and conditions set out in this programme, Hyundai warrant the vehicle against rusting through of the bodywork structure or body panels from the internal surface through to the outside in such a way that the bodywork structure or outer surface of the body panels are affected. This is warranted for a period of either ten years from the date of first registration of the vehicle for i800 and iLoad or 12 years for all other models.

Claims procedure

The warranty booklet must be presented to an authorised Hyundai Dealer as soon as the first sign of rust appears. Hyundai will not be liable for any additional rust damage caused by the failure of the vehicle owner to present the vehicle to an authorised Hyundai Dealer as soon as the first signs of rust are noticed.

Body repairs and replacements

In the event of any part of the bodywork covered by this warranty being replaced, repaired or modified, those parts must be re-treated by an authorised Hyundai Dealer, as the Dealer shall deem appropriate, such replacement, repair or modification being at the cost of the vehicle owner. In the case of a repair or replacement under the terms and conditions of this warranty Hyundai will pay the cost of such re-treatment. Failure to treat such parts of the vehicle will invalidate the warranty in respect of the components affected by such replacement, repair or modification.

Limitations and exclusions

The liability of Hyundai under this warranty shall be limited to:

  • The repair or replacement of parts affected by rust as deemed necessary by Hyundai which shall be carried out by a repairer approved by Hyundai.
  • The cost of re-treatment of such replaced or repaired parts. The maximum liability of Hyundai shall not exceed two thirds of the trade value of the vehicle at the date of the claim, as specified in Glass's Guide (or, if out of publication, a comparable guide as selected by Hyundai for the same make, model, age and similar condition and mileage but without rust damage). In the event of payment of the maximum claim amount this warranty shall become null and void. In no event shall Hyundai be liable for any consequential loss howsoever caused.

    This warranty is not applicable to:

  • Any vehicle used for motor sport competition (including racing, rallying, trials and pace making) or subjected to abnormal conditions.
  • Rust damage to vehicles used for transporting goods which may speed up corrosion such as acids, salt, chemicals or other corrosive agents.
  • Any damage to mechanical components, the exhaust system, fuel tank, or brightwork parts of the vehicle.
  • Any damage caused by the inward penetration of rust through the paintwork of the vehicle or external rust.
Please note: Extensive damage can result from unattended blemishes caused by abrasions, stone chips, etc. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to ensure that such blemishes or damage are attended to with the minimum of delay, as any resultant damage is not covered by this vehicle warranty.

Maintenance recommendations

Regular care and maintenance will enhance the appearance of the vehicle, extend the life of the bodywork and is essential for ensuring the continued effectiveness of the protection against corrosion.