All-New NEXO
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When will NEXO be available in the UK?

NEXO is available to order now. For more details call our NEXO team on 0344 346 0121.

How much will NEXO cost?

NEXO MRRP is £69,495. NEXO is eligible for the current £3,500 Government Plug-in Car Grant which reduces this to £65,995. Please note, this grant is subject to change.

Where can I test drive NEXO?

To make the most of NEXO, you ideally need to live and work within 15 miles of a hydrogen refuelling station in the UK. For more information, contact our NEXO team on 0344 346 0121.

Where can I buy NEXO?

To discuss ownership options for NEXO, please contact our NEXO team on 0344 346 0121.

Where can I refuel NEXO?

You can refuel NEXO at publicly accessible hydrogen refuelling stations. In the UK there are 3 key operators, ITM Powers in partnership with Shell, Air Products and BOC. They are located in key areas in the UK and are grouped in clusters to ensure good availability and reliability.

There are currently a higher concentration of refuelling stations in the London / South East area with plans for growth over the next two decades. For more information on refuelling locations, use our interactive map or contact our NEXO team on 0344 346 0121.

What is the plan to develop hydrogen infrastructure in the UK?

The refuelling infrastructure is being built up very gradually as the demand for and availability of vehicles grows. By the end of 2018, there were 12 hydrogen refuelling stations, suitable for refuelling cars and available to the public (there are more but dedicated to buses).

Refuelling stations are located in clusters around the country where air quality and CO2 emissions present a challenge. Currently London /Greater London and the South East have a strong focus. Aberdeen, Sheffield, Birmingham, Derby, Oxford, Swindon Swansea and Nottingham are all working on implementing ultra-low emissions zones.

Hyundai is working with the most progressive local authorities and businesses around the UK with the support of the UK government (OLEV) to expand the network. For example last year at both Cobham and Beaconsfield Services, hydrogen refuelling stations were installed alongside the petrol and diesel pumps.

What are the service intervals for NEXO?

NEXO service intervals are yearly or 6,000 miles, whichever comes sooner.

How much does it cost to service NEXO?

Service plans are available for NEXO. Please contact our NEXO team on 0344 346 0121 for more details.

Where can I service, repair and maintain NEXO?

There is a network of approved Hyundai dealers which can service and repair NEXO. To find your your nearest NEXO service dealer you can use our interactive map. We recommend you live or work within 15 miles of these locations.

What is the warranty on NEXO?

Hyundai’s manufacturer warranty for NEXO, including powertrain & fuel stack, is 5 years/unlimited mileage. The warranty for the high voltage battery is 8 years, 125,000 miles. If you are planning to use NEXO for commercial purposes, please contact the NEXO team on 0344 346 0121.