Featuring the sleek and flowing lines of our Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 design language, Genesis is pure elegance. Whether at rest or in motion, it offers an unmistakable presence.


Discover only the finest quality materials, from the distinctive wood-effect grains to premium nappa leather*, butter-soft to the touch yet beautifully hardwearing.

*Front of seat bases feature PU artificial leather.


Achieve greater awareness on the road with advanced sensory technology. Welcome to intuitive innovations that enhance both pleasure and safety when driving.



Meticulously planned with countless hours spent on design, R&D and testing at the world famous Nürburgring. Carefully sculpted with both style, stability and safety in mind, Genesis will move you, in every sense.




Inner strength. Outer beauty. Distinctive and sophisticated exterior features will impress your head and stir your heart.

More power less energy

Enjoy advanced illumination whatever the external lighting conditions, with HID Xenon headlights and LED Daytime Running Lights. Brighter and longer-lasting, Xenon headlights also use less energy than conventional bulbs. Cleverly, when Genesis senses another vehicle, the smart high beam automatically switches to a low beam leaving you free to concentrate on the road ahead.

Ready for every challenge

When the weather closes in,  Genesis is ready to step up. Our executive saloon offers distinctive and powerful LED front fog lamps to pierce through fog, illuminating the road ahead and keeping you safe.

Dynamic Sideline
All-new Genesis pushes the boundaries of our 'fluidic sculpture' design language
to a new level, featuring clear lines that end in a sophisticated finish.
An arresting profile
Every Hyundai is characterised by our ‘Fluidic Sculpture’ design language, blending sharp creases with subtle curves.
Genesis evolves this to a new level. Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 features a simpler, more refined silhouette while keeping
the same sleek and confident posture which is present across the Hyundai range.

The sky’s the limit

Let in the light with a stunning panoramic sunroof. Travel aboard Genesis and you’ll enjoy a very special kind of spaciousness that floods the cabin with natural light, adding to the relaxed environment and creating a feeling of airiness.

Drive in style

Revel in the striking design and outstanding performance of 19” alloy wheels. The finest materials and silver finish convey a higher level of sophistication.

Complete closure

If the driver or passenger doors are not fully shut, sensors embedded in the door latches activate a motor to gently close them completely.

Welcoming glow

As you approach with your smart key, the car’s puddle lamps will automatically activate, lighting your way for convenience – and projecting the Genesis logo on the ground, for a premium experience that begins before you even step aboard.

Helping hand

The exterior door handles of Genesis produce a helpful glow to guide your hand when the car is waiting for you in a darkly-lit area.

Every detail considered

With its distinctive satin finish, the beltline moulding maximises the beauty of the car’s elegantly simple flowing lines.



The sporty and assertive rear of Genesis provides a clear impression of what it delivers. Simple seductive styling and power that you can rely on.

Hands full control

Why shouldn’t the world be arranged to suit you? Stand close to the boot with the smart key for 3 seconds and the lid will open automatically. However full your hands, Genesis is there to assist you.

Powerfully visible

A powerful car needs lighting to match. Genesis offers stylish LED rear combination lamps for maximum illumination, whatever the weather.

Twice as stylish

The rear bumper features dual chrome-tipped exhausts fully integrated and purposeful, adding to the premium feel throughout.

Follow the leader

High-intensity LED rear fog lamps cut straight through heavy rain, snow and fog, ensuring Genesis remains clearly visible to following traffic.




A sumptuous interior offers a welcoming, spacious and truly comfortable experience. Special care and attention has been given to the outstanding luxury and quality of the finely crafted materials. Everything you require sits at your fingertips to ensure each journey is as relaxed as it possibly can be.

Choose between three interior colour options, each adding their own special touch of elegance and sophistication. 

interior_color_2 interior_color_2interior_color_5
Seat Color
  • Beige
  • Gray
  • Black
  • Seat Material
  • Garnish Material

Beautiful grains

Hardwood and aluminium-effect trims offer high-quality detailing and are used throughout, for a classically refined interior finish.

The softest leather

Whether driver or passenger, you’ll sink into seats featuring nappa leather* with contrast piping for a luxuriously comfortable journey.

*Front of seat bases feature PU artificial leather.

Back in control

Rear passengers benefit from a large central armrest featuring fully integrated controls for the rear seats, including an 8-way adjustment system and multimedia functions. There’s also a spacious storage box and dual cup holders.

Sun block

Enjoy privacy and shade with the electric rear window blind. It goes up at the touch of a button and automatically glides down while reversing.

Extra privacy

When tinted windows aren’t quite enough, use the manual rear door side blinds for an extra layer of privacy and protection from the sun and UV rays.




Genesis features a powerful 3.8 litre V6 GDi petrol engine. Delivering effective acceleration through its advanced intake and injector system, torque is strengthened at low to medium speeds. With 358 Nm of torque at 2,000 rpm and up to 397 Nm of torque at 5,000 rpm, you can enjoy ease of acceleration at low or higher engine speeds.

Rear-wheel drive makes it possible to optimise the distribution of weight and to divide the roles of steering and power transmission between the front wheels and rear wheels respectively for smoother and more precise handling. Thus, the vehicle delivers a sporty yet comfortable drive with outstanding responsiveness.


Advanced 8-speed power

The 8-speed automatic transmission includes a raft of cutting-edge technical innovations, including a turbine damper torque converter, high-strength aluminium carrier, integrated sensors and wiring and a direct control solenoid valve body. The result is smooth shifting efficient gear changes, optimised for refined acceleration.

Intelligent driving

Variable drive mode helps improve ride and stability by adjusting the transmission, throttle and steering. Electronically-Controlled Air Suspension (ECS) also controls damping force based on live road conditions and your chosen variable drive mode. Normal provides maximum comfort, eco conserves fuel, while snow is designed for low traction road conditions. In sport, ECS stiffens the suspension to provide superior stability and a more engaging driving experience.


A quieter ride

Sophisticated noise, vibration and harshness measures have been employed to ensure your journey is as quiet and comfortable as possible. The car uses 51.5% advanced high-strength steels to reduce noise and vibration. A bulkhead partition in the engine compartment minimises the penetration of engine and road noise, while powerful soundproofing materials throughout further cocoon you in quiet luxury.






A safer driving experience is a more precise one. Genesis achieves this via pioneering sensory technology, monitoring the world around you to help keep you safe at every moment, from every angle. 

Stay alert

During any journey, carbon dioxide levels naturally rise, potentially leading to drowsiness. Genesis features the world’s first CO2 Sensor to monitor the amount of carbon dioxide in the cabin and replenish with fresh air from outside if necessary. This also reduces the need for air conditioning and can even enhance fuel economy.



Sit back, relax and enjoy the drive, secure in the knowledge that Genesis is proactively protecting you with a range of cutting-edge safety features.


110 km/h
110 km/h
  • Autonomous emergency braking (AEB)

    The Autonomous emergency braking (AEB) system automatically activates the brake when it detects dangerous sudden brake activation by the car ahead by reading the front radar signal from the Smart cruise control (SCC) and the signals from the Lane departure warning system (LDWS) camera. It stops the vehicle to minimize damage to it and the driver in emergencies. The brake system is fully activated at speeds below 80km/h.

  • Smart cruise control (SCC)

    The radar sensor installed in the front of the vehicle detects the distance
    from the car ahead, and automatically maintains the distance and speed
    set by the driver.

  • Blind spot detection (BSD) and Rear cross-traffic alert (RCTA)

    The Blind spot detection (BSD) system alerts the driver when there is an object in a blind spot and
    makes a second alert if the driver turns on the turn signal and attempts to make a lane change.
    In addition, the Rear cross traffic alert (RCTA) system alerts the driver if an object is about to cross
    the rear of the vehicle from the left or the right.

  • Lane departure warning system (LDWS)

    Stay on the road with the Lane departure warning system (LDWS).
    The LDWS, using a camera mounted on top of the windshield, will vibrate
    the steering wheel when the vehicle is departed from the lane.

  • Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)

    Let the Genesis worry about tire pressure. The Tire pressure monitoring system
    (TPMS) will keep your tires in check and signal, via supervision cluster with 7"
    large color TFT LCD, if anything is wrong.

  • AEB
  • SCC
  • LDWS
  • TPMS

Fully cushioned

A sophisticated and comprehensive 9-airbag system is built into Genesis to help keep you safe should the unexpected occur, including smart front airbags designed to minimise head and neck injuries, side curtain, front side, rear side and driver knee airbags.

Advanced protection

Advanced-high-strength steel, forged at our own steel mill delivers improved rigidity and overall stiffness. Genesis was designed to be the one of the strongest and safest body structures in its class, providing both exceptional dynamics and advanced occupant protection.

Safer on the outside too

The active bonnet system is designed with enhanced pedestrian safety in mind. The moment the sensors detect a pedestrian collision, the bonnet is raised, which can help to reduce the risk of injury.



Boardcomputer Head-up-Display HD-Farbdisplay Multifunktionslenkrad
Essential information always in view

Head-up display

Take stock without taking your eyes off the road. Essential driving information is projected on to the windscreen, clear yet unobtrusive.

8” touch screen with navigation

The 8” state-of-the-art touch screen comes complete with a comprehensive Driver Information System, capable of everything from satellite navigation to Bluetooth® streaming.

Supervision cluster with colour TFT LCD

The supervision cluster features easy-to-read dials and a colour TFT LCD display, conveying all you need to know about your journey in the simplest, smartest way possible.

Steering wheel

Genesis breaks away from traditional shapes and layouts to offer more comfort by bringing buttons closer together and optimising padding placement for greater grip.


Award-winning audio technology

The Lexicon® Audio System with Discrete Logic 7®Surround Sound Processing is a 14-speaker state-of-the-art masterpiece. It uses GRAMMY® award-winning technology to deliver absolutely pristine sound via high-efficiency speakers and amplifers.

Control your environment

Dual zone climate control allows you to set different temperatures independently for the driver and front passenger. To optimise your comfort zone even further, heated and ventilated front and rear seats also feature as standard.

(A very) smart key

The smart key activates some of the cleverest features of Genesis, including hands-free boot opening, puddle lamps and keyless entry.


Genesis will glide smoothly into tricky spaces with the aid of Smart Parking Assist. It cleverly scans the available space and then automatically controls the steering wheel to support precise and quick parking.


Enjoy a 360 degree perspective

With Around View Monitoring, Genesis gives you eyes in the back of your head when parking. Cameras installed at the front, back, left and right of the car provide a complete picture of what’s happening outside – including in the blind spots, for greater safety as you drive.