Warranty FAQs

Warranty and Servicing FAQs

Why did you introduce the 5 Year Warranty?
The 5 Year Warranty is a measure of our confidence in the quality and reliability of all our vehicles. It's there to ensure that once you've chosen a Hyundai, you can rely on a first class ownership experience.
Since 2002, it's become a symbol of pride and a sign of the attention to detail and quality through the design and manufacturing process behind every Hyundai vehicle.
Why do you offer this when your cars are so reliable?
The 5 Year Warranty gives added peace of mind, and shows we believe our vehicles will deliver a high standard of reliability over the course of that time span. It's a measure of the value we place on maintaining positive long term relationships with our Customers.
Is the warranty manufacturer backed for the whole 5 years?
Yes, the warranty is supported by the manufacturer throughout the 5 year period. A Customer claiming in year 5 will go through the same process that he or she would in year 1.
Is it really unlimited mileage? Are there any restrictions?
The mileage is truly unlimited, for private, company and Driving School vehicles; the only exclusion are to service or wear and tear items.
In the case of taxis, light commercial vehicles, rental cars and couriers, the 5 Year Warranty has a very generous 100,000 miles limit.
Are perishable items included?
The warranty offers comprehensive cover for manufacturing defects, excluding service or wear and tear items.
Fair wear and tear is defined as deterioration occurring through usage or driving style where no evidence of a manufacturing defect is found or where the normal useful life of such components has expired.
Something has failed on my vehicle. Is it covered under warranty?
Please contact your local Hyundai Authorised Repairer, who will inspect your vehicle and confirm whether the fault found is a manufacturing defect and covered by the vehicle warranty.
Are there any models to which the 5 Year Warranty does not apply?
All current vehicles supplied by Hyundai Motor UK Ltd, originally purchased by an end Customer from the authorised Hyundai network in Europe and registered on or after August 1, 2002 are covered, including special editions. 
Is the warranty transferable between owners?
Yes, our 5 Year Warranty is fully transferable between owners as long as it is under 5 years old at the time of the sale and was originally purchased by an end Customer from the authorised Hyundai network in Europe. The balance of the warranty goes to the new owner, subject to servicing having been carried out at the recommended intervals.
If you transfer ownership of the vehicle or change your personal details please contact Hyundai on 0800 981 981.
I have just purchased an imported Hyundai. How do I register the vehicle in the UK for warranty purposes?
If your vehicle was purchased from the authorised Hyundai network in Europe, please take the vehicle's Certificate of Conformity and V5 documents to your local Hyundai Dealer. They will be able to register your vehicle's warranty with Hyundai Motor UK Ltd, and let you know when the process has been completed. Imported vehicles only have the remainder of the warranty supplied with the vehicle.
Will I have to get my car serviced at a Hyundai Dealer?
No, servicing can be carried out by a non-Hyundai Dealership, however the warranty conditions are that you have your car serviced and repaired to the required schedules and standards set by Hyundai Motor UK Ltd, and parts of an equivalent quality must be used. If a fault occurs as a result of servicing at a non-Hyundai Authorised Repairer, this may invalidate the warranty of the failed part or consequential damage caused.
We recommend that servicing and repair work is carried out by our Hyundai trained technicians within out Authorised Hyundai Dealer network who will have the correct knowledge and equipment to complete the required servicing.
Any warranty related work must be carried out by a Hyundai Authorised Repairer.
How much will a maintenance service cost?
Our Dealers are independent businesses and therefore specify their own labour charges. Please contact your local Dealer, who will be happy to advise you.
I have missed one of my services. What happens now?
We allow 600 miles or one month either side of the expected service date. If the service is not carried out within this time, and if the fault that has occurred is diagnosed as being caused by the incorrect servicing or missed services, then your vehicle's warranty may be affected.
Can I order parts for my car through Hyundai Motor UK Ltd
No, all parts orders must be via the Hyundai Authorised Dealer Network. 
I haven't received any information about my Hyundai Roadside Assistance Programme
Your Hyundai Roadside Assistance cover is activated at the time of vehicle registration, so you won't receive a membership card. However, if you do wish to confirm your cover please call: 0800 980 2733.
You can find an overview of your Hyundai Roadside Assistance cover in your Service Record Book, usually found in the glove box of your vehicle. Please note that HyundaiRoadside Assistance covers the car rather than the owner.
My car has broken down, what should I do?
If your vehicle breaks down please call: 0800 980 2733.
For customers who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired, SMS text messaging is available on: 0790 044 4999.