Roadside Assistance Programme

Passenger Cars UK and Channel Islands

As part of the 5 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty package, our Roadside Assistance Programme provides fives years of free, 24-hour roadside assistance should your car break down anywhere in the UK or Channel Islands - even at your home address.

For assistance in the event of a breakdown, call 0800 980 2733 (UK and Channel Islands)

For customers who have suffered a breakdown and are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired, SMS text messaging is available. SMS to 07900 444 999

Please have the following information ready when you call:

  • Vehicle registration number
  • Model and colour of vehicle
  • Your location
  • A contact telephone number if at all possible.

Full terms of service can viewed via a downloadable pdf

Onward Travel

In the event of a breakdown (not accident) where the vehicle has been recovered to an authorised Hyundai dealer and cannot be repaired immediately, the Roadside Assistance provider, on request from the customer, will advise on travel arrangements.