Fleet Programmes


We have a privilege scheme for selected customer groups, known as Affinity Partners. Selected by Hyundai Motor UK and Fleet Operations, these are generally businesses with 500+ employees, a significant proportion of whom drive a company car.

For details, please go to the dedicated Hyundai Affinities website.

Driving school

With a successful history within the driving school sector, we understand that your vehicle must not only be a reflection on your business but also something that is truly reliable and safe.

The belief and trust in our products is backed up by our unique 5 Year Triple Care package including our 5 year unlimited mileage warranty, meaning you can share our confidence in the quality of our cars. Additionally our Blue Drive technologies have been specifically engineered to lower costs. Available across our range of cars they lower emissions and fuel consumption which means low or zero road tax and less time at the pumps.

Contact your local Hyundai dealer for our latest driving school offers.

Chauffeur Programme

The Hyundai Chauffeur Programme offers exclusive on-the-road prices for all chauffeur companies and drivers, with special offers including metallic paint and leather seating on the Hyundai i800.

To qualify for discounts and offers, simply present your Hire & Reward insurance policy at any Hyundai dealership.

Blue Light services

Hyundai is proud to supply vehicles to 40 out of the 57 police forces in the UK, as well as both fire & rescue and ambulance services.

We gained acceptance onto the PITO Framework Agreement in October 2010 and have since delivered many different models to these services. As a result of another successful tender, we also work with approved converters to turn base vehicles into fully liveried, equipped and operational police vehicles. For more information please contact Gavin Thompson at fleet.sales@hyundai-car.co.uk