"If Hyundai were taking tests
for customer satisfaction,
they’d pass every time”
Dan Tattersall – Fleet & Operations Manager, MSL Group

Driving School iconIf you want to test how well a car’s built, Dan from MSL Group knows. His company supplies specialist dual control vehicles for Driving School fleets.


For Dan, ease of working with the manufacturer and the support they offer are critical. At the same time servicing and maintenance must be quick and easy as he can’t afford to have cars off the road.

The fact that MSL have been working with our team for many years shows how well we have and continue to match their expectations. Our vehicles are intuitive and easy to use – perfect for Driving Schools – and Dan is impressed with the durability, reliability, strong resale value and 5 year warranty.

In fact, not only is MSL buying more Hyundai cars, so are a lot of Dan’s friends and family.

By immersing ourselves in MSL’s world, we’ve been able to completely understand their needs, providing smarter and better business solutions. Proof, once again we think, that business works better with US at its heart.

All proof enough we think, that business works
better with US at its heart.
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