Charge myHyundai

Public charging has never been easier or more accessible

It has never been easier to charge your electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid vehicle. Welcome to Charge myHyundai: a comprehensive and easy- to-use public charging solution that gives you access to widest network of fast, rapid and high power charging points.

Charging point App

1 App. 1 Card. 1 Invoice.
More than 15,000 Public Charge Points

  • All you need is one Charge myHyundai account to access the widest public charging network in the UK
  • With charge myHyundai you can locate charging points, checks their status, navigate to them, plug-in, charge and pay.
  • All charging sessions & invoices available in an easy to access location on the Charge myHyundai web portal or the app
  • No more wallets full of RFID cards
  • No more range anxiety
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One simple and transparent Pay as you Go tariff

Most of the charging will be done at home, however when you want to travel, be out and about Charge myHyundai offers simplicity. You have most of UK public charging networks accessible from one app, no more setting up multiple accounts, all grouped in one handy location, your phone. The RFID card offers you back up access, the webportal is also handy to manage your personal admin and expenses.


Most UK public charging networks operators

With Charge myHyundai, we are offering our customers easy access to a vast public charging service which allows drivers to use multiple charging stations from all the main UK operators.
With one single charge myHyundai account, you open the doors to freedom with no anxiety.
Charge myHyundai gives users access to the charging network map, tariffs, invoices and account management from a web portal or an app, or both you choose.

Charging point App Find Charge points

Get the app. Find a charger anywhere

The Charge myHyundai experience is at its best when using the Charge myHyundai app which is available for iOS and Android. With the Charge myHyundai app you can easily search for charge points, by plug type, charging speed, method of payment and more importantly you get real-time updates on charging fees and availability. The Charge myHyundai app also comes with a navigation function and an intelligent route planner to get you where you need to be with no stress.

Charging point App

Fast charging your electric vehicle with IONITY

  • Access to IONITY, is the leading high-power charging network for electric vehicles in the UK and in Europe
  • High-power charging (HPC) network with a charging capacity of up to 350 kW
  • 15 strategic locations along UK Motorways and A roads
  • Simple access and payment through Charge myHyundai