About N

Hyundai Motor’s story on N

“Drivers will experience the thrills and emotions of our proven motorsport prowess for themselves. Our future model line-up will include performance-oriented and race-track-capable cars full of energy. They’re just the start of what we know, and it will be a fast and exhilarating journey.”

- Albert Biermann, Head of Hyundai Motor’s Performance Development & High Performance Vehicle Devision.


About N



The Origin of N



The tight connection between Namyang and Nürburgring creates the foundation for N. Namyang is the heart of Hyundai Motor’s global R&D network and birthplace of all Hyundai cars, and Nürburgring is the world’s most challenging race track in Germany, used to hone N’s high performance technologies. Both locations play a crucial role in developing, testing and perfecting the predictable and responsive handling and vigorous acceleration that will characterise future N products.


About the Logo



The curved lines in the letter of N represent the corners on a race track where you can push your car to the limit, and more specifically, the ‘Chicane’ that proves its overall balance; 
Hyundai Motor’s passion for N can be identified by the curved lines of the signature letter N. The logo shape of N represents the corners of a race track where cars are pushed to the limit – namely, the chicane where the technical skills of the driver and the balance of the car are rigorously tested.


Three Principles of N


Motorsports-inspired Technology



Every N performance model is originated from motorsports which we are in. 
Delivering instant response to driver’s intention is main purpose of racing competition.


Balanced Performance



Increasing power without harmony is not our goal. Every single part has a crucial role to make N nimble. In every aspect, N truly delivers the value of harmonized performance.


Emotional Delight


The highlight of driving a high performance car is the moment of emotional delight. Every single detail of N has a reason to be made in that form to maximize delight. Accelerating in a quiet tunnel, proudness from your reflection in the show window, and feeling the tightness of your steering response… those are the moment we seriously care.