Before 7


The most innovative people get up early to start the day before their peers. This summer Hyundai are challenging you to reclaim your morning by celebrating 7 individuals who already do. Will you join them, and set your alarm early?






CREATE HEADSPACE | Paula Haughney | 57


Sculpting and sunrise


Paula is a teacher and sculptor and stone mason based in East London. Her sculpting and stone masonry is her way of creating headspace, and the early morning is the best time for it, when no

one else is around.


Where do you find space #before7?





ENJOY LIFE | Sian Lewis | 28


Hiking for the Sunrise


Sian is a journalist from Bristol whose idea of having a good time is just about every outdoors activity you can think of. As well as rafting, cycling and running, sometimes before she sits down to work for the day she’ll go a hike in the countryside surrounding her hometown.



How do you enjoy life #before7?




GET AHEAD | Rachel Carrell | 38


Yoga Before Business


Rachel runs a successful tech start up called Koru Kids. It’s safe to say her life can be quite hectic, managing the business, looking after her child and preparing for a new one on the way. A few years ago she found that yoga and meditation before work gave her the mental clarity she needed to prepare and get ahead.



How could you get ahead #before7?





FIND PASSION | Dave Halley | 60


Boat Builder


Dave is a carpenter from Maldon in Essex. He’s passionate about boats, and always wanted to build his own rowing boat as a project. This year he followed his true passion, taking time in the early mornings to build his first rowing boat from scratch, and to his own design. He has plans for many more in the future.



What could you work on #before7?





FEEL ENERGISED | Bex Puttock | 30


Sunrise Sea Kayaking


Bex is an outdoor activity enthusiast living in Brighton. Kayaking in a lake or on a river doesn’t cut it for her, she needs to be out on the sea in the morning light, looking back on her hometown of Brighton, before her day starts.



Where would you explore #before7?





BE INSPIRED | Anthony Epes | 51


Dawn Photographer


Anthony is a photographer from London, who specialises in capturing the unique beauty and stillness of cities at sunrise. He’s teaches photography by day, so he’s often awake and out searching for inspiration before dawn.



What could you discover #before7 this summer?





STAY HEALTHY | Eric Biggane | 50


Sustainable Forager


Eric is a sustainable forager who is a leading expert in sustainably foraged food in the UK. He works with restaurants and companies to help them offer more homegrown and foraged food to stay healthy and sustainable. Before his working day he’s out exploring new places, and finding the foods that nature has to offer.



How could you explore nature #before7?