Owning a Hyundai - Santa Fe

Owning a Hyundai

Buying your Hyundai is just the beginning. We're always thinking about how to make owning a Hyundai an enjoyable, worry-free experience, throughout the whole period of your ownership.

Here, you can find all you need to know as a Hyundai owner, from where to find the perfect accessories to servicing, 5 Year Triple Care, and even how we can help if your car is involved in an accident.

As an owner, you'll also have access to MyHyundai, where you can discover exclusive offers and discounts to get the most from your car. You can also store all your car details securely in one online space. So from your car's VIN number to reminders for servicing, MOT, insurance and road tax, everything you need is just a few clicks away.


Genuine Accessories from Hyundai

Hyundai Genuine Accessories

Designed and approved for your car, our Hyundai Genuine Accessories are the ideal way to give your vehicle a personal touch. With a wide range available, you can create the Hyundai that's perfect for you.
  • Hyundai-approved, so you can be sure they won't affect your car’s warranty
  • Specifically made for your model, to ensure a perfect fit
  • Wide-ranging choice, from stylish touches to the latest technology

To browse accessories, please click here.


Hyundai Servicing

At Hyundai, we take pride in building cars with award-winning reliability.
When routine maintenance or repairs are needed, we take an equal pride
in making sure you enjoy prompt, professional service at your Hyundai dealer.

Hyundai Sense Fixed Price Service Plans

Servicing Costs Made Clear

Hyundai Sense Fixed Price Service Plans

Hyundai Sense fixed price service plans are designed to take care of all your scheduled servicing needs over the first two, three or five years of ownership*, offering an inflation proof and worry free option so you’re free to simply drive your Hyundai. Pay as a one off payment, or in bite sized monthly payments. You can even add your MOT.
  • 2 years/20,000 miles, 3 years/30,000 miles or 5 years/50,000 miles
  • One-off fixed payment or monthly fixed payments on finance
  • Add your MOT
  • Inflation proof
  • Servicing always carried out by trained Hyundai technicians
  • Hyundai Guaranteed Parts always used

eSENSEtials Servicing

eSENSEtials Servicing is the new service programme for Hyundai vehicles which are out of their warranty period*.
  • Choose from 3 servicing tiers: base; interim and full.
  • All servicing tiers include 12 months AA roadside assistance as standard (usual cost £119).
  • Add your MOT 
  • Hyundai Guaranteed Parts always used

*Terms and conditons apply.

Hyundai Service Promise

By choosing Hyundai servicing, you'll also have the reassurance of our Hyundai Service Promise.

On Arrival we will:

  • Attend to you promptly
  • Agree the work to be carried out and provide a fully inclusive quote
  • Agree a time when your vehicle will be ready to pick up


During the day we will:

  • Ensure that only appropriately trained Hyundai technicians carry out work on your vehicle
  • Check for any updates recommended by Hyundai and perform these free of charge
  • Provide a professional recommendation if we identify any parts that require replacing, about whether they should be replaced immediately, or at which point in the future they should be re-checked
  • Only ever replace additional parts with your permission
  • Use genuine Hyundai parts, which all carry a two year, unlimited mileage warranty*
  • Call you to confirm when your car is ready

*Parts fitted during a warranty repair have a warranty duration equal to the remaining period of the vehicle warranty.

On collection we will:

  • Explain the invoice to you to ensure you understand the work that has been carried out


Following your visit we will:

  • Do everything we can to call you within three days of your visit, in order to monitor customer satisfaction and to continually improve the service we offer you
Regular checks

Regular Checks

Spend a few minutes regularly looking after your Hyundai, and it will give you the best possible performance, fuel economy and safety.

Key things to check are:
  • Oil
  • Brake fluid
  • Windscreen wash
Make sure their levels all sit between the minimum and maximum points, and that you can't see any leaks.
  • Tyre pressure
  • Tyre tread
Check tyres when they're cold – the correct pressures can be found inside the driver's door or in your service book.

Don't forget to inspect tyre tread regularly too. The legal level for tyre tread is 1.6mm, taken at 3 points across three quarters of the width of the tyre. Apart from being dangerous, an illegal bald tyre is liable for a maximum fine of up to £2500 and 3 penalty points per defective tyre.

If you need assistance, please visit your Hyundai dealer who'll be happy to check for you.


Hyundai 5 Year Triple Care

5 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty

Pioneering Peace of Mind

From the production line to the showroom and beyond, the passion and belief we have in the quality of our products mean we can offer an aftercare package to match.
In 2002 we were the first car manufacturer to introduce a 5 Year Warranty. Today, we are still the only car manufacturer to offer an unlimited mileage* guarantee for this period, as standard on all of our passenger cars.
Not content with the best warranty in the industry, on the 1st July 2011, we made it better by including 5 Year Roadside Assistance and 5 Years of Annual Vehicle Health Checks, offering you unlimited miles of stress free motoring.
5 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty*
A 5 year, manufacturer-backed Unlimited Mileage Warranty, so you can drive with complete peace of mind at all times. In addition, the bodywork is covered by up to 12 years' Anti-perforation Warranty. Visit our 5 Year Warranty page for more details.
5 Year Roadside Assistance**
24 hour roadside assistance should you ever need it, anywhere in the UK or Channel Islands, with Onward Travel cover included to get you home if your car can't be fixed at the roadside. Visit our Roadside Assistance page for more details.
5 Years of Annual Vehicle Health Checks
A free, expert visual inspection by your Hyundai dealer on key areas of your car, to help spot any problems and ensure trouble-free motoring.
* Excludes Light Commercial Vehicles and cars for taxi or private hire usage. For further information please visit our 5 Year Warranty page.


Hyundai genuine parts

Hyundai Genuine Parts

When your Hyundai is built, it's made from steel from our own plants, so we can be sure of its quality. And only Hyundai parts are produced to the same exacting standards as those originally fitted.

By insisting on genuine Hyundai replacement parts, you can ensure there is no compromise when it comes to quality, safety and reliability. You'll also benefit from a comprehensive warranty on every part used.

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Hyundai Accident aftercare

Hyundai Accident Aftercare

We can't stop accidents happening. But we can be there to relieve some of the stress with free help, support and expertise.

If your Hyundai is involved in an accident or stolen, simply call us first on 0330 100 3124 and we'll take care of it for you.

With free Hyundai Accident Aftercare, we will:
  • Recover your vehicle and help you get home after an accident
  • Liaise directly with your insurer to process your claim, saving you the hassle and stress
  • Arrange repair estimates, approval and claim forms 
  • Make sure your vehicle is repaired at a Hyundai-approved repair centre, using genuine Hyundai parts
  • Arrange a free courtesy car while your Hyundai is being repaired, and deliver your car back to you when it's ready
  • Provide legal support for personal injury

Hyundai First Excess Return

When you purchase a new Hyundai we want to make everything as smooth as possible for you - whatever lies ahead. Simply ask your dealer to register you and you'll be given a voucher for one year's free Excess Return, worth up to £250, no matter which insurer you have chosen. Excess Return gives you up to £250 cash back for any excess paid as part of a motor insurance claim. 

With Hyundai First Excess Return we will:

  • Pay up to £250 of your motor insurance excess if you call us first 
  • Cover additional excess charges imposed by some insurers for having the reassurance of an accident repair at a Hyundai-approved repair centre (typically £200)

How to claim

Our claim lines are open 24 hours a day. It's really important that you call Hyundai First, before your motor insurer, on 0330 100 3124, or we won't be able to guarentee your vehicle can be repaired at a Hyundai approved repairer using Hyundai genuine parts, or reimburse your excess charges. 

Please visit Hyundai Accident Aftercare for more details. Click here for a free emergency key tag.

Hyundai policy book

Free 7 Day Insurance and free Excess Return

When you buy any new or used Hyundai from an authorised dealer, we want you to be able to get going straight away, so we'll give you free insurance for seven days. Just ask your dealer for details.

To apply, please call 0800 326 5456 with the vehicle registration number and your dealer's code.

Lines are open Monday to Thursday 8.30am-7.30pm, Friday 9am-5.30pm, Saturday 9am-5.00pm.
We also offer free Excess Return, so when we accept your vehicle for repair we will pay up to £250 cashback towards any policy excess paid by you, to your motor insurer. Free Excess Return is available to customers who purchase a new or approved used Hyundai, who apply for free 7 Day Insurance and who call Hyundai on 0330 100 3124 after a vehicle accident and before your insurer.

Please visit Hyundai Excess Return for more details.          

Upgrade to our annual cover - we'll pay your cancellation fee*

If you think all car insurers are the same, maybe it's time to think again.

Most insurers won't promise to repair your vehicle at a Hyundai approved accident repair centre, or return it back to its pre-accident condition by fitting 100% Hyundai genuine parts. But with Hyundai Insurance it's guaranteed. So you can continue to enjoy safety, peace of mind and the excellent Hyundai driving experience you're used to.

Hyundai Insurance includes all of these benefits;
  • Free courtesy car
  • 24-hour free accident recovery
  • Cover to drive a courtesy car whilst your vehicle is having a scheduled service or being repaired following an accident
  • Personal belongings cover
  • Replacement lock cover
  • Child seat cover
  • Windscreen cover
  • EU comprehensive cover for 90 days
  • Medical treatment up to £500
  • 5 year guarantee on the quality of repairs
  • 24 hours claim line, with UK call centre
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*We’ll reimburse your current insurer’s cancellation fee up to the value of 15% of your Hyundai Insurance motor premium quote. For example if your premium is £400, we’ll pay up to £60.  Most motor insurer cancellation fees are approx. £30-£50  (Research of UK motor insurance policies 2015). Offer not available online.
Hyundai body repair centre

Hyundai Approved Body Repair Centre

By using a Hyundai Approved Body Repair Centre you can be assured of a repair that will safeguard the integrity of your Hyundai. You can also count on excellent standards of quality and service.
  • Hyundai Approved Body Repair Centres are vetted against strict Hyundai standards
  • Your vehicle will be repaired with genuine Hyundai parts, providing you with a comprehensive parts warranty
  • You'll also benefit from a 5 year guarantee on the quality of repairs



At Hyundai, we never stop thinking about new ways to improve your owning experience, which is why we’ve developed MyHyundai. It’s your portal to a world of exclusive offers and a secure area where your important car details are stored. You can also set automatic reminders for servicing or road tax and keep up to date with the latest Hyundai news.


Hyundai is committed to surpassing the quality and safety expectations of our customers. To ensure we continue to do this we sometimes recall vehicles for checks or component upgrades.

If you have received a recall letter, please contact your local Hyundai dealer for more information.

To check if your Hyundai has an outstanding recall, click on the button below. The recall checker is provided by Motorcodes, the government backed self regulatory body for the motor industry. You will need your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to hand. This string of 17 characters includes letters and numbers - it‘s recorded on your  vehicle's V5 Certificate (log book) and on the vehicle itself, please consult your user manual to locate this.

If your Hyundai has an outstanding recall, please contact your local Hyundai dealer in the first instance.


Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding Hyundai recalls, you can contact our customer service team.

0800 981 981 Opening hours
Mon-Fri : 8:30–18:00
Sat: 9:00-13:00

You can also contact your local Hyundai dealer.

If we need to contact you it’s important we have your most up to date details. My Hyundai offers an easy way to ensure they are correct.