On the path to Brazil

The build-up has started and football fans everywhere wait for the start of the 2014 World Cup™ in Brazil. In anticipation of classic encounters, last minute winners and magical skill from the masters of the beautiful game, our journey to Brazil begins.

Bringing the World Cup to all

In 2002 Hyundai teamed up with FIFA to become an Official Partner of both the FIFA World Cup™ & UEFA European Football Championships™. Which meant that before every must-win game and after every nail biter, Hyundai’s been there with fans and transporting the teams and officials to and from the matches.

We’ve shared some brilliant moments - whether it’s in our dealerships, with the millions of people who came to our Fan Parks or with our lucky competition winners. From Cologne to Coimbra, Cape Town to Kiev each trip was an experience of a lifetime.

Join the party

Our love of football isn't just sponsoring major tournaments, football leagues or football teams. It’s about bringing people together to watch and talk about the world’s biggest sporting event. Come and join the celebration on Facebook and Twitter and you never know, you could find yourself joinig us in Brazil.